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The Making of a Panamanian Traditional Hat

[Bellota shrub]

Bellota shrub

[White bellota fiber]

White bellota fiber

[Dyed bellota]

Dyed bellota

[Junco grass]

Junco grass

[Junco ready for the dye]

Junco ready for the dye

[Pita plant]

Pita plant

[Pita fiber]

Pita fiber

[Chisna shrub]

Chisna shrub

[Woman weaving a sombrero pintao]

Woman weaving a sombrero pintao

[Molds for different sizes of cups]

Molds for different sizes of cups

[Tool for shaping the hat]

Tool for shaping the hat

[Top of the hat almost ready]

Top of the hat almost ready

[Hat halfway done]

Hat halfway done

[Decorative strips are weaved apart and then incorporated in the hat.]

Decorative strips are weaved apart and then incorporated in the hat.

[Sombrero almost finished]

Sombrero almost finished

[Some sombreros pintaos being displayed at a handicrafts market]

Some sombreros pintaos being displayed at a handicrafts market


Marino Jaén Espinosa

The Sombrero Pintao is the quintaessential hat of the Panamanian. It trascends location, gender and ethnic and cultural background among Panamanians.

It is very important not to confuse our Panamanian Sombrero Pintao with the Panama Hat which actually comes from Ecuador.

There are several types such as dress and work hats, and also some regional variations. The one shown in this article is the most representative.

The Sombrero Pintao is made by artisans in several locations in Panama. the best ones come from La Pintada, Cocle province in Central Panama.

There are several types of native plants used for making a sombrero: one for the cup and wings, another is used for coloring the trademark black rings.

A sombrero like this one has a price starting around 40 U.S. Dollars. There are some that go for up to 300 U.S. Dollars. The Sombrero Pintao is a nice, authentic and representative souvenir of your trip to Panama.

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