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Cod Torrejita

[This is how a cod torrejita looks like on the outside.]

This is how a cod torrejita looks like on the outside.

[And the inside looks like this.]

And the inside looks like this.


Marino Jaén Espinosa

Cod torrejita is a dish that came to Panama from the Caribbean during the building of the Panama Canal. Due to its fish content, it has become popular during Lent and Holy Week because of religious restrictions on the consumption of red meat and poultry on Fridays.

The torrejitas are basically made of flour, cod, a bit of water and salt. For additional flavoring, other ingredients such as garlic, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, black pepper and paprika are usually added to the mix. The resulting paste is then poured in chunks over a pan coated with oil for frying. After a while the lumps acquire a golden color. That means our torrejitas are ready.

This dish is found in many areas of Panama, but mainly in zones populated by the descendants of Black Caribbean workers of the Panama Canal's building.

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