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Pinta de Mosquito Hat

[This is pinta de mosquito hat.]

This is pinta de mosquito hat.

[A view of the inside of the same hat.]

A view of the inside of the same hat.

[A close-up of the hat fabric shows the mosquito spots.]

A close-up of the hat fabric shows the mosquito spots.


Marino Jaén Espinosa

In Panama, there are several types of traditional hats. One of the lesser known ones is the pinta de mosquito hat. This is hat that is not as formal as the pintado one but not a rough as the junco working hats.

It is made of white beyota fiber with stripes of black bellota woven in so that the hat features small designs that resemble greater-than signs. Apparently these spots or pintas give the hat its name, because they are said to resemble mosquitos, too.

As it is the case of the pintao hat, the pinta de mosquito hat is also crafted at Cocle provinces, mainly at the districts of Penonome and La Pintada. There, many families make a living out of making and selling these hats.

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