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Corn Ring from Chiriqui

[The corn rings come in different shapes. This one is a rose.]

The corn rings come in different shapes. This one is a rose.

[A top view of our corn ring.]

A top view of our corn ring.


Marino Jaén Espinosa

The tender corn ring is a dish made of traditional ingredients found all over Panama. However, the origin of this culinary tradition is found at the western province of Chiriqui.

The rings are made up of tender corn, milk, eggs, butter and traditional white cheese. They are mixed together with traces of salt, sugar, flour and baking powder. This mix is poured into a circular mold and then put into an oven.

The result is a ring shaped dish that is similar to tender corn bollos, but more solid. Some of the ring-makers have been innovating and now present their products in more creative shapes, such as roses or donuts.

Tender corn rings are now found in many supermarkets in Panama City.

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