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Traditional Homemade Desserts

[Milk eggs]

Milk eggs










Tamara Ponce

A trip to the Interior, or Panama's countryside is never complete without the tasting of several traditional homemade sweets. In this article, we will show pictures of some of them as well as a brief description of each one.

Milk eggs: They are small baked balls made with sugar, milk, flour and cinnamon.

Cocada: Snacks made with coconut, and sugarcane honey, withy cinnamon and orange peelings for added flavor.

Merengue: Known in English as meringue, it is a egg-based sweet.

Suspiros. Similar to meringue but with more ingredients such as tapioca paste, cinnamon and butter.

Cabanga: A very unique dish made of green papaya, coconut and sugarcane honey. It is then packed in dried corn leaves for keeping it fresh for a long time.

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