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Mission, Vision and Core Values of

[ Almost seven years promoting and educating about Panamanian folklore through the web.] Almost seven years promoting and educating about Panamanian folklore through the web.


Marino Jaén Espinosa


To strenghten and to teach about Panama's national identity, by globally promoting our cultural values, folklore manifestations, and tourist sites through the use of the internet, in a innovative, authentic and sustainable way.


During the next five years, will maintain its national leadership position in the areas of teaching and promotion of Panamanian folklore through the use of the internet. We will increase our national and international audience by the frequent launching of new resourses at the website. We will become the technological catalyzer of all educational strategies and research in folklore and tourism topics in Panama, by means of establishing formal agreements with all relevant government and private organizations related to our fields of work.

Core Values

  • Deep love of our folklore and defense of our national identity.

  • Inclusion of all traditional ethnicities and cultural groups of Panama.

  • Support of products and services of quality and competitive price offered by Panamanian people and business, or those who use Panamanian workers and supplies.

  • Honesty in all our dealings with clients, providers and visitors.

  • Respect of the intellectual rights of all third parties and recognition of the contributions of our supporters.

  • Permanent compromise with the quality of our site and content.

  • Adoption of good practices and web standards accepted by the internet industry.

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