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Parrots and Parakeets: Popular Pets in Panama

[Orange-chinned, commonly parakeets kept as pets in Panama.]

Orange-chinned, commonly parakeets kept as pets in Panama.

[Red-fronted parrot of the genus Amazona]

Red-fronted parrot of the genus Amazona


Marino Jaén Espinosa

Most families in Panama own or have owned a parrot or parakeet at some point. They are ubiquitous from the countryside to the cities. Some species are common but some are endagered, so when in doubt, please double check that you are not supporting the illegal trade of endangered species.

The most common species held as a pet is the orange-chinned parakeet (Brotogeris jugularis). The are very social birds who easily bond with their owner. They can also learn to say some words and to whistle. In cautivity, well feed and taken care of, they can live even more than 10 years. They are not endangered. In fact, in Panama City you can see bands of several hundreds of them flying from squares to squares and other wooded areas in or around the city.

Other popular species are the red-fronted and the yellow-fronted parrots, of the Amazona genus. The are larger than the parakeets, live up to 50 years and can learn a lot of words. They are not as common as the parakeets, so you will need to exercise caution when adopting one.

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