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The Dressing of an Empollerada (Part II)

[Golden jewels for the pollera]

Golden jewels for the pollera

[Back of the neck of the empollerada]

Back of the neck of the empollerada

[View of several chains already in their right position]

View of several chains already in their right position

[More jewels being affixed to the pollera shirt]

More jewels being affixed to the pollera shirt

[Bracelets and wristlers]

Bracelets and wristlers

[Head jewels]

Head jewels


Tamara Ponce

One of the things that surprise people who see a pollera for the first time is the amount of jewelry worn by the empollerada.

It is not uncommon that each woman wearing a pollera carry several hundreds or thousands of dollars in jewelry. Also, these golden chains and other accesories are usually passed down from mothers to daughters and some could be one or two centuries old.

There are several types of jewelry. The ones worn around the neck, the longer chains that hang down to the waist, bracelets and wristlers, and head jewels.

The positioning of these accesories is regulated by custom, and depends on the type of pollera being worn, the region, the relative wealth of the wearer, and even the age of her.

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