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Our content

Is all of's content original?
Yes, we are very respectful of intellectual property rights. All content we publish is produced by us or has been sent to us by our contributors of clients under their assurance that they have created it or own their rights.

Why are the same musicians featured at the site?
Because they are the ones paying for the marketing services we provide. It would not be ethic to promote non-client musicians with the same intensity.

Why are some areas in Panama featured more often than others?
We would like to be able to travel to all parts of Panama to report on them on the website. However, we do not have the necessary resourses. This means that we often depend on the pictures our visitors send us, and visitors from several areas are more active in sending pictures than are people from other areas.

Are you going to publish anything about the recent fair / festival / patron saint's celebration?
We can not possible be at all places in Panama that hold celebrations. We have to assign the highest priority to our clients' events.

I want you to take pictures at my event and featured them on your site. What do I need to do?
You have to advertise your event in our site. Please, contact us for more details.

Can I send you pictures or text for publication?
Yes, you can contact us and we will give you instructions. You have to guarantee that you own the rights of the material. We publish almost all the relevant material that is sent to us. The only limitation is when the material is about a musician, organization or band that we have repeatedly invited to participate in the site and they had not shown interest.

How long do pictures take to appear at the site?
Usually less than a week. However, we have to give priority to our client-related content.

I am looking for pictures, but they are not at the homepage anymore. How can I find them?
Take a look at the sections, such as Folklore, Carnivals, Tourism, etc.

For how long are old pictures kept accesible at the site?
Usually for up to a year. But it depends on several factors. If they are associated with a client account and the clients suspends participation in the site, the pictures will not be available.

You took my picture at an event and I want a copy. Can you email it to me?
Do our time constraints, we can not email pictures to individuals. But you are more than welcome to download it for your personal use.

You took my picture at an event and I did not like the picture, or I was not supposed to be ther. Can you delete it?
Yes, let us know what picture you need to get deleted.

Can I copy pictures or written material from the site for schoolwork or personal use?
Yes, in these cases you do not need to ask us for permission. Just make sure you keep our site's signature in the pictures and mention as the source. Copying the picture to use it for making a flyer for an event or any other form of advertising is not personal use!

I am looking for historical or cultural information. Do you have it?
Maybe we do. Take a look at the sections. They have been designed so you can easily find the information you need. If you can not find it there, we do not have it yet.

I would like to use a picture or some written material for publication at other media. Can I do it?
Usually yes, as long as you mention as the source and tell us in advance.

Why I can not save your MP3s at my hard drive?
In order to listen to them, you have to be at the website. We work directly with musicians, composers and record labels, and we all are against music piracy.


The messageboard

Do I have to register in order to participate in the messageboard?
No. You not need to do it. Just leave the password space empty when you write. If you get a message saying something like wrong password, just change the user name and leave the password empty again.

What are the rules for the messageboard?
Just two: do not viciously attack anyone, and do not advertise anything or anybody without getting permission from us first.

My comment was edited or deleted. Why?
Most certainly, you violated one of the rules described above. Or maybe it was off-topic or repeated.

For how long you keep topics?
If the topic has an educational value or we deemed important for the messageboard, we will not delete it. All other topics such as events' notifications, happy birthday wishes, and the like, get deleted after roughly three months.

Why the messageboard polls always leave someone or something out?
Those polls are created by the messageboard members, not by our staff. These polls are limited to five options only, so it is easy to leave someone or something out.

Why some topics are listed at the top of the list but do not really have new comments in them?
Those are the polls, they move to the top when someone votes.

Who are the foristas?
They are the people who write frequently at to messageboard.

What to I need to be a forista?
You need to participate often in te forum and be able to discuss topics in a respectful way with people of differente ages, backgrounds, religions.

What do I need to do in order to be featured in the Nuestros Foristas section?
You need to have been around the messageboard for enough time so people know your nick, and yo u need to buy a T-Shirt, and then send your picture and short bio for publication.

Why everyone knows the birth day of everyone else at the messageboard? Why anyone who reaches his or her birthday gets congratulated by many foristas?
Most are registered as frequent visitors. We publish a list with the birthdays of the month at our Cumpleaneros section.

Everyone at the messageboard knows each other in person?
Not everyone, some do not even live in Panama. But many of our more active members often go to the events and end up meeting.

Do you know if certain forista is married or is in a relationship right now?
Sorry, you need to ask the person of interest. We do not have that information.

Have any couple met at the messageboard?
Yes, several of them.

Do you hold messageboard gatherings?
Yes, we notify about them in the messageboard itself. They are always held at an event that features one of our affiliated musicians.

Can I use other languages at the messageboard?
Yes, you are welcome to write in English, if you want. The webmaster and other foristas will answer to you in English.


Register at

Why do I need to register at
You don't. But if you register, you will get a newsletter from You will be added to a list from where we draw names whenever we have prizes to award to our registered visitors. Finally, you will appear in our birthday monthly list at the site.

Registering at the site is the same as registering at the messageboard?
No. In order to register at the site, you need to fill a form that appears after you click on the link at the top right corner of any page. We recommend that you register at the site, but not at the messageboard, since we will be changing boards soon.

Are you going to send me spam or are you going to share my information with other sites or companies?
No, we will not send you spam nor will we share your information with anyone outside our organization. We will only send you our newsletter.

How often are you going to send me the newsletter?
Usually once a week, but depending on the amount of new content or special events two times a week at most.


Our online store

Do you have an office where I could go in person to buy the CDs?
Yes, you can come to our office, but we do not have all Cds in stock here. Please let us know in advance when you plan to come.

How do you send the orders to destinations inside Panama?
In Panama City, you can come to our office after we confirm you that we have all the items. Or we can meet at a mutually convenient place. If outside Panama City, we send the orders by the package service of the local bus lines.

Do you send orders to other countries?
Yes. According to the amount and destinations, we use certified mail or a courier company. To countries in Central America, we use the package service of the international bus lines.

What are the differences between certified mail and courier?
Price and time of delivery. Also, courier is a more secure method. For example, an order to the continental US takes between 8 and 12 days by certified mail, and only 2 or 3 days by courier.

What are the methods of payment from outside of Panama?
Electronic transfers by Western Union or MoneyGram.

Can I pay by credit card or check?
No, we do not have those capabilities at this time.

If I send the money, how do I know you will send me the order?
You really do not know. However, we are a serious business and we are not interested in fraud. At our site, we prominently display our location, our phone numbers, email, the resume of our owner. We do not have anything to hide from you.

Im outside of Panama and I do not want to spend money on electronic transfers or shipping. Can you receive payment and/or give my order to a person I trust in Panama?
Yes, of course. Write us and email to coordinate that.

I want to buy something that is not at your Online Store. Can you find it for me?
Maybe. Ask us and if we are able to get it for you, we will discuss the price.

I have an item that I would like to sell at the Online Store, What do I need to do in order to sell it?
Talk to us and we will see if the article can be a good addition to our Online Store.

I really do not have money for buying CDs. Can you send me some mp3 files or tell me wher to download Panamanian music?
No. We work directly with musicians, composers and record labels. The are negatively affected by music piracy. It would not be ethic for us to facilitate material or information that goes against their intellectual rights.

Do you sell t-shirts?
Yes, they are polo t-shirts with our logo in the chest. They are black and we have small sizes such as 16 and 18 (USD11.00) and standard sizes such as S, M, L (USD14.00). By buying a t-shirt, you will show your identification with our site. Also, from time to time, some people who organize events let all people wearing or t-shirts enter for free at their events.


Advertising in

How can I advertise products, services and events at
Contact us and we will be more than happy to explain our plans to you.

I am a musician and would like my pictures to be published and my events to appear at the List of Upcoming Events. How can I become an affiliate musician?
Contact us and we will make a tailored plan according to your needs.

How do carnival queens get into the Queens' Gallery?
All of them, including not only carnival queens, but also association and companies queens have advertised with us. Please, contact us for details.

I represent a written, tv or radio media organization. Are you interested in an ad exchange with us?
Yes, definitely. Let's talk about it!

Would you add a link to my webpage if I add one for yours?
Depending on relevance of the site involved. Write to us, we want to hear about your site!


Musicians and bands

¿Who are the affiliated musicians?
They are the ones who advertise with us. Right now they are:
Francisco De Gracia
Manuelito Gomez
Raul Aparicio
Alejandro Solis
Payito Ballesteros
If you are a musician and would like to know how to advertise with us, contact us and we will gladly explain the details to you.

Can you give contact information for musicians?
If they are affiliated to the page, you can access their section at our site. The contact information is at the bottom of their pages. If the musicians you are looking for are not affiliated, then we can not provide contact information for them.

Do you have information regarding musicians' fares and availability for certain days?
We do not know that information. Please, contact the musician.

I am a composer. Can you give one of my songs to a musician to see if he wants to play it? Can I write my song in the messageboard to see if any musician gets interested
Sorry, we can not do that. If you want to write your song in the messageboard, please, take in consideration that it is a public board and there is always the possibility of plagiarism.

Do you know if certain musician is married or is in a relationship right now?
Sorry, you need to ask the person of interest. We do not have that information.


Upcoming events

How can my event appear at the List of Upcoming Events?
Please, contact us and we will discuss the terms.

When is there an event from a musician, or a festival, fair, etc.?
Browse the List of Upcoming Events for our affiliated musicians' events. If you do not find it then is not an event by our clients.

Why do you have only events by some musicians and not by others?
Because some are our clients and others are not.

I'm certain that a musician is your client. How come I do not see his events at the list?
Sometimes, the musicians are a bit late at sending us their list of events. Please check back often.

How do I know the List of Upcoming Events is accurate?
We post all events just like the musicians tell us. But sometimes events get moved or cancelled at a short notice.

Does organize events?
Not yet, but we do take advantage of some of our affiliates' events to organize messageboard reunions.


Visitors from outside of Panama

I lived in Panama many years ago and I would love to contact my friends / relatives there. Can you help me?
Yes, post a message in our board. If you are trying to contact someone for personal motives your post is welcome. If you have commercial purposes, you will have to talk to us first. You will be surprised to know how many people have been found through our messageboard.

I will soon visit Panama. Can you point the places I can not miss?
Take a look at our Tourism and Folklore sections.

I will be in Panama soon. Can I meet with you guys?
Sure, maybe a messageboard reunion would coincide with your visit. Let us know your travel dates.

Can you send me a video cassette containing dances and tourist places?
In the past, he helped people to obtain similar videos. However it was usually a long process that took us many resources we can no longer allocate to that right now. Maybe in the future we could help you with this.

Can I write in other languages other than Spanish in the messageboard?
Yes, you can use English. The webmaster and other board members will answer to you.

How is life in Panama? Can you be of any assistance to get me a job, housing or legal residence?
Life is great here. As all places in the world, we have some problems and many beautiful things around. Unfortunately, we can not help you to get a job, housing or legal residence.


The people and history behind

When was created?
We are on the web since February 7th, 2001.

Who owns is owned by Marino Jaen Espinosa, a computer systems professional and college professor.

Where is Marino Jaen Espinosa from? ¿Is he of Arab or Hindu descent?
Marino Jaen Espinosa is Panamanian, born at Panama City, and his roots are from the countryside of Panama (Los Santos, Capira and Chiriqui).

Who are the reporters of
They are the people who often send pictures and write for us.

Do you know if the webmaster or certain musician is married or is in a relationship right now?
Sorry, you need to ask the person of interest. We do not have that information.

I really love the site and would like to help. What can I do?
Thanks for your interest! You can help in many ways: You can help us by contacting business, organizations or bands that could be interested in advertise with us. We have a high volume of visits and could help to marked any product, service or event relevant to our visitors. Also, you can tell all your friends about the site. You can use the recommendation form at the bottom of every page. By buying at our Online Store you provide us with some revenue to keep growing. Finally, if you can send us pictures or written material related to Panama for publication at the site.

Do you have any employment opportunities?
Not really, but we could talk to you if you have experience in selling ads, if so, contact us.

Where are you located?
Whe are located at the corner of Avenida Cuba and Calle 35, Calidonia, Panama City, Panama.

What are your phone numbers?
(507)227-7883 and (507)630-2197.

What about your email?

Do you have an MSN Messenger account?
Yes, it is:


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